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Singer-songwriter The Duke of Wollaston. Expect everything from upbeat cheesy tunes to deep, melancholy moments.. Something for everyone! Album out now!

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Who is The Duke of Wollaston?

You'll occasionally find this bespectacled fellow around and about the Black Country (with a wry smile and guitar to pick at) singing about everything from hot chocolate to unrequited love.

He sings from the heart melodic, sometimes flippant, sometimes earnest songs. Everything with authenticity at its heart… everything apart from his title that is, which is borrowed at best.

You see, there never was a "Duke" of Wollaston. So one man stood up for the many. 'See a need, fill a need'. We can't have Wollaston Duke-less now, can we?

By day, a mild-mannered businessman, by night, The Duke of Wollaston. In many ways he's no different to you or I, but he does have an uncanny knack for taking his experiences and expressing them in songs that are a tonic in a world too full of fakery.

FUN FACTS! about The Duke (useful for Pub quizzes):

- He sold his first car to buy the guitar of his dreams.
- That guitar is called "Tabitha". The name of the car has long been forgotten.
- He's left handed and yet Tabitha is a right handed guitar
- He once wrote the theme tune to an international TV Series. (No. Really.) Check it out here: 
- Talking of theme tunes, he does a mean version of the Toys "R" Us song
- He's never had a single guitar lesson
- Live, he's mostly a one man band, though at times, he does play nicely with other children. And musicians.
- Doctors have been known to prescribe listening to a "Duke" song a day to ward off the lurgy

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